Comparing IPTV UK and Cable TV: Pros and Cons

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Comparing IPTV UK and Cable TV: Pros and Cons1

When it comes to watching TV, there are many options available. Cable TV has been around for years, but there is a newer option gaining popularity: IPTV UK. IPTV, or Internet Protocol Television, uses the internet to stream TV shows and movies.

In this article, we will explore the key differences between IPTV UK and cable TV, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of each. So, whether you’re a IPTV UK viewer or a traditional TV enthusiast, join us as we compare IPTV UK and cable TV to help you make an informed decision for your viewing preferences in the ever-evolving world of television entertainment.

What is IPTV UK?

IPTV UK, or Internet Protocol Television in the United Kingdom, is a cutting-edge technology that allows users to stream TV programs and content through the internet rather than traditional cable or satellite broadcasting.

It uses internet protocol (IP) to deliver TV channels and on-demand content, providing a wide range of program choices and flexibility in how and where viewers can access their favorite shows. IPTV UK has gained popularity for its cost-effectiveness, program diversity, and personalized viewing experience, making it a modern and convenient option for TV entertainment in the UK.


72-Hour IPTV Free Trial

  • +1300 Live TV channels
  • +3000 Movies & Sports Events
  • TV Guide (EPG)
  • Plus with Catch Up & Cloud PVR
  • Reliable & Stable Server
  • Supported to Android & Firestick
  • IPTV Instant Activation, No CC

What is Cable TV?

Cable TV refer to the traditional methods of delivering television programs and content through cable or satellite signals. Cable TV typically provide live programs in real-time and require specific hardware and equipment, such as set-top boxes or satellite dishes, for access.  However, they may have limitations in terms of program diversity, flexibility, and cost, compared to modern IPTV UK technologies.

Future Trends for IPTV UK

The future of IPTV UK looks promising, with a growing trend towards increased adoption and innovation in the TV entertainment industry. As internet speeds continue to improve and technology advances, IPTV UK is likely to become even more popular among viewers in the United Kingdom. With its program diversity, flexibility, and personalized viewing experience, IPTV UK is expected to attract a larger audience who seek more control over their TV content and viewing habits. Furthermore, as more viewers cut the cord and move away from cable TV, IPTV UK is poised to become a leading choice for TV entertainment in the future. As the landscape of television evolves, IPTV UK is set to be at the forefront of the changing trends, providing viewers with an enhanced and modern TV viewing experience.

Cable TV  Review


  • Established infrastructure
  • Familiar user experience
  • Live TV programming
  • Bundled services
  • High-quality signal
  • Wide availability
  • Premium content


  • Limited flexibility in channel choices
  • Fixed program schedules
  • Higher cost compared to some alternatives
  • May require additional equipment or installation fees
  • Limited mobility, tied to physical location
  • Potential for signal disruptions during adverse weather conditions
  • Limited customization options for viewing preferences

The Best IPTV UK Provider: IviewHD IPTV

Comparing IPTV UK and Cable TV: Pros and Cons2

When it comes to IPTV providers in the UK, iviewHD IPTV stands out as one of the best options available. With its user-friendly Android-based service, extensive channel and movie offerings, multiple EPG formats, catch-up playback, and cloud PVR storage, iviewHD IPTV offers a premium viewing experience. Additionally, the availability of a 3-day free trial allows users to explore the service before committing, making it a top choice for those looking for the best IPTV UK provider.

IviewHD IPTV Review


  • 3 days free trial available
  • Android-based IPTV service, fast & easy setup
  • 1000+ live channels, 3000+ movies
  • Three Kinds of EPG : normal, classic and Gild format
  • 7 Days Catch-up (playback)
  • Cloud PVR with 40 hours of storage
  • Stable server with no buffering


  • Only compatible with Android and Firestick devices
  • Not compatible with third-party players
  • 1 connection 1 code
  • Higher price point, but considered worth it

IPTV UK Subscription Plan

IviewHD IPTV offers three exciting packages: Regular, Plus, and Family. The Plus package boasts additional features beyond the regular version, making it a perfect choice for sports enthusiasts who want to catch up on missed games. The Family plans are perfect for households with multiple devices on the same network, providing cost-effective and fun entertainment for the whole family. With IviewHD IPTV, you have the flexibility to choose the package that best fits your needs and enhances your TV viewing experience.

Subscription TypePrice (USD)
IviewHD Subscription 
1 month$19.99
3 months$49.99
6 months$79.99
12 months$139.99
IviewHD Plus Subscription 
1 month$32.99
3 months$79.99
6 months$129.99
12 months$199.99
Sub-Device Subscription 
12 months$89.99
Family package Subscription 
Family package1#  1 x Plus 12months+1 x Sub 12months  $284.98
Family package2#  1 x Plus 12months+2 x Sub 12months  $369.97
Family package3#  1 x Plus 12months+3 x Sub 12months$449.96
Family package4#  1 x Standard 12months+1 x Sub 12months $229.98

Note: To allow users to test the quality and stability of the service, IviewHD IPTV offers three subscription plans with a free 3-day trial opportunity that does not require a credit card to activate. If the user is not satisfied with the service during the test, there is no charge.While the IviewHD IPTV is priced relatively high, it’s worth it for avid sports watchers.
To download iviewHD APK, click here.


Compared with Cable TV, IPTV UK has more advantages in terms of the number of channels, variety, flexibility, price and user experience. IPTV UK is more affordable, does not require additional installation costs, has a larger number of more kinds of channels, and users can watch their favorite programs anytime and anywhere,which can meet the needs of users in many ways.However, Cable TV has the advantage in terms of signal stability. Which service to choose depends on your budget and needs.

FeaturesIPTV UK Cable TV
Program selectionAdvantage in program diversityBetter live experience
FlexibilityDevice compatibility and on-the-go accessBetter signal stability
Price and contractsUsually more affordableMay have contracts and additional fees
User experiencePersonalized customization of program listsFixed program schedules


In conclusion, IPTV UK is revolutionizing the way we watch TV in the UK. With its diverse program selection, flexibility in device compatibility, affordable pricing, and customizable user experience, IPTV UK has become a popular choice for cord-cutters and TV enthusiasts. Compared to Cable TV, IPTV UK offers innovative features, extensive channel options, and user-friendly setup, providing a modern and convenient way to enjoy TV content. If you like a variety of channels and features, then IPTV UK is the best choice for you!


1. Are IPTV apps legal in the UK?

IPTV is legal in the UK as long as the content is licensed and not pirated. Providers are required to obtain licenses from content creators before streaming content legally.

2.What devices are supported by IPTV UK?

IviewHD supports all Android devices, including Android phones, Android PAD, Android TV boxes, Smart TV boxes (Android system), and Android Smart TVs. The iviewHD IPTV service can also be used on common devices on the market such as Fire Stick, Fire TV, Shield TV, NVIDIA Shield box, X96 mini, and Shiled box.

3. How to get the best IPTV UK subscription?

If you’re interested in trying out iviewHD IPTV, you can easily explore their packages and features on their website to find the perfect subscription for you. What’s more, iviewHD offers a 3-day free trial, giving you the opportunity to test it out and ensure that your device is compatible and ready to enjoy the service.

4.Why is IPTV replacing traditional TV in the UK?

There are many reasons.Firstly, IPTV offers a diverse range of programming options, including live channels, movies, and other content, with the flexibility to customize program lists to individual preferences. Additionally, IPTV provides on-the-go access via compatible devices, allowing viewers to watch their favorite shows anytime, anywhere. Moreover, IPTV often offers affordable pricing with no long-term contracts, making it a cost-effective alternative to cable TV. Furthermore, IPTV typically provides a stable server with no buffering, ensuring a smooth viewing experience. With these advantages, IPTV has become a popular choice among viewers in the UK, leading to its growing popularity and eventual replacement of traditional TV.

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