IPTV Contrast: iviewHD VS Xtream Code

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In this article, I will compare the characteristics of iView HD IPTV and Xtream Code IPTV from different perspectives.

What are Xtream Codes?

Xtream Codes is an IPTV panel that allows IPTV streaming providers to manage their own IPTV or VOD services and their customer databases so that users can enjoy streaming and consuming IPTV.

What is iview HD IPTV?

Iview HD is an Android-based IPTV service, and iview HD IPTV is for the UK, AUS, Ireland, Greek and Italian guys, with a lot of local live channels. football, UFC, Boxing are…good choices for sports fans! In this article, you can learn more about iviewHD IPTV. IPTV UK service.


72-Hour IPTV Free Trial

  • +1300 Live TV channels
  • +3000 Movies & Sports Events
  • TV Guide (EPG)
  • Plus with Catch Up & Cloud PVR
  • Reliable & Stable Server
  • Supported to Android & Firestick
  • IPTV Instant Activation, No CC

Comparison Table of iview HD IPTV and Xtream Code IPTV

Review projectiview HD IPTVXtream Code IPTV
Login & Streaming ProtocolStar_rating_of_5Star_rating_of_4
Cloud PVRStar_rating_of_5Star_rating_of_4
Picture QualityStar_rating_of_5Star_rating_of_4
Time DelayStar_rating_of_5Star_rating_of_4
Tech SupportStar_rating_of_5Star_rating_of_4

Review of the above-listed:

Login & Streaming Protocol

iview HD IPTV: Private Protocol, Powerful Support, More Stable.

Xtream Code IPTV: Open Source Protocol, When Game/Match on easily buffering, even be blocked by ISP.

Live Channels

iview HD IPTV: 1000+ channels, focus on Quantity, Private Channels Streaming Source, More Stable.

Xtream Code IPTV: 300-5000 or more channels, But most channels are not own source, if problem, hard to solve in time. Easily out of control, Poor in Quality.


iview HD IPTV: Profession Application, Friendly User Interface, More Stable, Powerful for Maintenance and Update.

Xtream Code IPTV: Public & Ordinary Version Application, normal UI, not friendly, function not good, eg: IPTV Smarter.

TV Guide (EPG)

iview HD IPTV: 7Days Stable EPG, three formats: Classic, Grid, Normal.

Xtream Code IPTV: Mostly one style, not good, not stable,Even without EPG support.

Cloud PVR

iview HD IPTV: 40 Hours Cloud PVR, Saving in the Sever forever. Click here to read more about cloud PVR features of iView HD IPTV.

Xtream Code IPTV: Not Available.

Picture Quality

iview HD IPTV: More Clear, No Buffering, smoothly especially during game/match on.

Xtream Code IPTV: Offen buffering, even stop during game/match on.

Time Delay

iview HD IPTV: Less Than 60 seconds.

Xtream Code IPTV: Mostly 90seconds, Or even more than 120 seconds.


iview HD IPTV: Powerful Tech Support,Professional IPTV Serve, Enough Server Source. Automatic Detection & Alarm System, No worries about Playing Big Match/Game with huge users at the same time.

Xtream Code IPTV: Lack of Tech Support, Limited Server Sources but Excess Users.

Tech Support

iview HD IPTV: Over 10 years’ Engineer Team, 24 x 7 support, Full Tech-Support from Channels Source to APK & Server System.

Xtream Code IPTV: NO tech support directly. May some Tech-Support from the third party. As several key parts of IPTV are outsourcing. If operational problems, can not be solved in time.

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